Jakki Magowan


AA qualified writer and award-winning Chartered Marketer, Jakki Magowan, has over twenty year’s experience working with nationally recognised design and PR agencies and businesses in various sectors and industries including leisure & tourism, food & drink, construction, legal services, the public sector, charitable trusts and sports arenas. Using her extensive marketing knowledge, expertise and business writing skills she ensures companies are found by prospective clients and championed by returning customers, who become brand advocates.


KKnowledge thirsty, Jakki is a prolific reader of literary journals, fictional novels, digital content in all forms and related online media. These channels of research allow her to refine her story-writing skills and discover effective ways in which to engage with varied audiences through digital platforms. Her love of word craft and its ability to galvanize the thoughts of large audiences is currently inspiring her to pen a collection of short stories.


AAs story-telling (fiction or non-fiction), copywriting, digital content and online marketing work so seamlessly together, Jakki believes Narrative Junction has a shiny future.

We’re terribly sorry but Narrative Junction is currently unable to offer any freelance projects or in-house writing roles.